Product & Marketplace Services

  • Import & Export Services: we act on behalf of Clients to arrange such Licences & Permits and Freight & Logistics

  • B2B accounts matching: sales channels matching for food brand and manufacturers  such as food services, Horeca, on & offline shops

  • Product & Material sourcing: in response to Client requests we can identify and source the more unusual products from the global market place

  • B2C marketing events: we provide for Clients full scope service for product launches, advertising & promotions throughout the Asian region

  • B2C marketing research and analysis; our in-depth market research and analysis provides Clients with the necessary information to proceed with confidence

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Exhibition Services

  • Trade exhibitions; full organisation and Client representation to ensure successful outcomes

  • Individual or Group visits; full organisation and service to regional & international trade

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Business Development

  • Marketing  (4Ps+, branding concepts, visualization)

  • Digital marketing; research and recommendations for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), User Experience (UX)

  • Corporate Defence

  • Due Diligence Services


Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting

  • Concept development (pricing, costing etc)

  • Logistics & operations planning

  • Licenses application

  • Asset utilisation & return maximisation

  • Staff Selection

  • Staff Training

  • Customer service:

  • QA & QC

  • Data capture & analysis

  • Live perception review 

  • Competitor comparisons

  • Service provision cost engineering

  • Marketing Services 4 Ps+

  • B2B accounts matching (food services, Horeca, on & offline shops)

  • B2C marketing research

  • Entertainment & Event Management Services

  • Security Planning and Implementation, incident procedures & evacuation

  • Guest safety

  • PR & Crisis management services


Education & Training

  • ESL (English as a second language) speciality

  • Methodologies, syllabuses development

  • Training for trainers and teachers

  • Learning & Development of communication tools and soft skills

  • Wine knowledge training and appreciation for interest groups