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We at Descoberta are happy to announce that once again we are assisting liquor brands in the area of B2C Marketing & Sales at a particularly important time in the annual business cycle. This year, we are behind the drive to bring Laplandia Vodka (Lap Spirits Pte Ltd) front and center to the Singapore market place.  The promotion drive incorporates the use of a 14 day Xmas pop-up booth at the prime Orchard Road location, the famous Takashimaya shopping centre.  The #Descoberta team produced the concept proposal for the promotion drive and, subsequent to the Client's approval, went on to create the total festive design. With the concept approved and the design in hand, Descoberta managed the full planning & production process and right on down to managing the staffing and floor operations at this spectacular annual event. 

The Descoberta promotion drive has permitted #LaplandiaVodka to gain both important industry and consumer exposure in both Singapore and regional markets.  The feedback obtained from both industry and consumer sampling indicates that there are strong preferences for the premium quality vodka and craft beer from Land of Purity - Finland.  

"A Gift from the Land of Santa"

the Descoberta promotion used this message as the underlying theme of the promotion to guide consumers towards a new gifting experience, one where taste, quality and rarity combine. 

May we take this opportunity, from all at Laplandia Vodka, in the land of Santa Claus and Descoberta in Singapore, to wish you all  Happy Holidays and happy shopping!

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